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Kiboko Experience Safaris Reviews

Latest Reviews


Laurie B., 29/04/2019
high quality and more affordable price range, camp was comfortable and well kept, nice feel. Very attentive and helpful staff. Robert was excellent, he was patient with guest to make sure we all had the experience we wanted, was very knowledgeable, safe drive and most of all friendly.
Highlight : game drives – Robert ability to maximize viewing one game was spotted

Tiana O., 23/04/2019
Loved all of it! Wish we stayed longer, most comfortable bed in Africa so far
Highlight : elephants up close
Maria P., 23/04/2019
wonderful experience, everyone was friendly, facilities clean and comfortable, drives informative
Highlight : leopard stoking out baboon
Neena J., 17/04/2019
The guiding exceeded my expectation. Isaac was very knowledgeable and eager to explain what we were seeing. Our spotter Isaac was also excellent – we were able to see a leopard at night on the road.
Highlight : Three leopard sightings! Seeing the pride of lions twice. Elephant herds at sun set and drinking giraffes
Charlotte L., 14/04/2019
I had a wonderful stay, friendly staff, lovely accommodation and great safari
the safari was brilliant
Tashmyn R., 08/04/2019
awesome experience, great service, all very kind people and Isaac is so fun, he tried / work to the maximum to let us see all the animals possible. We will be definitely returning with other loved ones, thank you so much
dation great as well.
Fyson K., 04/04/2019
It was very good, impressive and educative too, I enjoyed every minute I spent with your team
Highlight : viewing the leopard, giraffe, zebras and many more animals, it was very good to have additional people to help with the spotting. In general it was very good safari
Martin B., 21/03/2019
A great thanks to all the staff ,it was great experience and especially Robert was the best.
Highlight : We were so lucky and saw most of the animals we wanted to see such as the lions and the leopard.
Sunniva B. ., 18/03/2019
Sunniva Byvard
amazing staff so sweet welcoming, helpful, calm and smiling. It made the already breath taking trip – more incredible
Highlight : honestly all of it

Sophia D., 08/03/2019
it was nice that Isaac know so many things of all the different animals / birds and his driving skills are really amazing, Francis have also excellent driving skills and followed by very well speed limits
Highlight : see the leopard and amazing elephants so close to the car, the drives were also very nice. It was like riding through paradise
Gavin J., 28/02/2019
excellent value for money. Professional from start to finish
Highlight : the animals in the park
Samantha C., 14/05/2018
Amazing safari, Steve made delicious vegetarian food to accommodate me as the only vegetarian on the trip and I couldn’t ask for a better guide than Isaac.
Alice N., 07/05/2018
Isaac- very knowledgeable
Steve- delicious food
Elliot- very friendly and helpful
Japhet- very brilliant driver. Thank you all!
Highlight : the whole trip!
Richard B., 04/05/2018
Billy was excellent driver and knowledgeable. Booking office so quick in e-mails very important in business

Highlight : seeing family group of elephants walking
Nordbeck Fam., 04/05/2018
very nice location of the camp, well balanced safari in different areas, our guide respected the calm of the leopard but others didn’t. many cars on the same spot.

Highlight : the coffee breaks in the evenings, the lions at hunt during night & the last evening with reptile eating animals
Sarah S., 03/05/2018
Billy was wonderful, funny and energetic. I enjoyed listening to him talk about the animals but also lots of other conversation too
Highlight : lots of them- leopard during day time, Steven’s cooking, lion hunt, hippo in the camp, Billy ! opportunities for taking photographs.
Jana C., 30/04/2018
I had a wonderful time here! Thank you so much for this experience
Highlight : Hyena’s eating a dead elephant and leopard.
Elyse B., 30/04/2018
Animals around the campsite, all the information about animals by a driver, the nice safari.
Bethany M., 29/04/2018
Incredible experience with friendly staff who go above and beyond . Really enjoyed safari tents, delicious food, and beautiful animals!
Highlight : seeing lions and giraffe, midnight hippo spotting through the tent. was quite the experience too!
Roz P., 17/04/2018
The safari was fantastic, Isaac in particular was excellent- very friendly and knowledgeable, Andre was also great and very helpful/ accommodating. The vegetarian food was delicious.
Highlight : The variety of animals we saw and areas within the park. In particulars the leopard with her cub was a highlight and then the male leopard later that drive.


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