• Weekend Safaris
    Weekend Safaris - 2 Days South Luangwa National Park Experience
  • Weekend Safaris
    Weekend Safaris - 3 Days South Luangwa National Park Experience
  • Weekend Safaris
    Weekend Safaris - 2 Days Liwonde National Park
  • Zambia
    Zambia safari - 4 Days South Luangwa National Park Experience
  • Zambia
    Zambia Safari - 4 Days South Luangwa NP Chalet Experience
  • Zambia
    Zambia Safari - Walk in Safari to South Luangwa National Park
  • Malawi
    Malawi Safari - 4 Days Kiboko Southern Experience
  • Malawi
    Malawi Safari - 7 Days Kiboko Southern Experience
  • Malawi
    Malawi Safari - 7 Days Kiboko Northern Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to bring towels and/or sleeping bags on our trip?
For South Luangwa NP: No. Towels and bedding will be provided.

For Northern/Southern Experience/Victoria falls/Liwonde: Yes. You have to bring your own sleeping bag and towel(s).

Is it possible to leave luggage in a secure location at the hotel while we are on the trip to South Luangwa?
Yes. We have a storage space to keep your bag(s) for those days, please ask at the hotel reception for assistance or further information.

Is it possible to leave our car at the Hotel car park while we go on the safari?
Yes. You can leave your car at Kiboko Town Hotel. The guard will tell you exactly where to park, so your car will not be in the way for other guests.

Where can I get a yellow fever certificate in Lilongwe?
Ideally, you will already have your yellow fever certificate before entering Malawi. If you do not yet have this we advise you to go to any private clinic and ask for a letter from the doctor which proves you do not have yellow fever. To be clear, you do not need the vaccine only the certificate!

Is it possible to continue our trip from South Luangwa to Lusaka or anywhere else than Lilongwe?
Please follow this link to see what we offer.

Do you have any flight details to and from Lilongwe or Mfuwe?
Please contact enquiries@kiboko-safaris.com and ask our safari manager, Chris.

When do we have to pay deposit/balance payment?
We require that the deposit payment is done at the time of booking your safari.
The balance payment can be made any day up to the day of arrival. You can pay with credit card (Visa) or cash (USD/Euro/Malawi Kwacha). However, please be aware that the credit card machine sometimes does not work due to external server problems.

I live in Zambia, where can I be picked up for the South Luangwa safari?
This is most convenient at the 'Total' filling station in Chipata or at 'Mama Rula’s' Lodge, just outside of Chipata, where we stop for lunch.

What is the minimum number of people to have the safari secured?
If only 1 person has booked the safari, it will unfortunately be cancelled with a full refund.
If there are only two or three people booked on the safari different prices may apply according to the type of safari you booked.

For example the 2 day Liwonde National Park Safari Experience requires three people to depart. If only two people are booked on the safari it costs 450 USD per person instead of the normal 350 USD per person.

Is it possible to conduct the safari other than on scheduled dates?
This is possible depending on availability and number of guests. Please contact enquiries@kiboko-safaris.com or ask our safari manager, Chris, for more information.

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