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    Removing snare from giraffe
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    Meeting with Malawian President Joyce Banda
Latest news

Literacy in a Box  and Chipembele

A big thanks to Geoff Lucock and Phil Chesters from the UK for the recent Literacy in a Box donations to our two local schools - Mfuwe and Kakumbi Basic Schools

Mfuwe Basic School has an enrollment of over 1100 pupils this year and Kakumbi Basic School has 500 pupils.
The schools have tiny Government grants so donations of materials to enhance the school experience and items that children in the West take for granted are much needed here in rural Zambia.

Founder and CEO of Chipembele WIldlife Education Trust, Anna Tolan made the first distribution of the Literacy in a Box materials at Kakumbi Basic School.

Fifty two pupils in the Grade 1 class were very quiet to begin with as we handed everything out. When they understood the items were theirs to keep, the children got very excited and by the time Anna was taking the pictures the children were very excited. 

The Head Teacher, Mrs Sakala and class teachers were also hugely appreciative, we left the remaining two boxes with Mrs Sakala and the class teachers to distribute at their discretion.

Maize field destroyed by elephants

Wildlife Action Group

Greetings from Thuma!

I have just been looking back on the newsletters from this time last year and remembering writing them! I was here only a few months! To put it mildly it was tough!

Hearing and dealing with the killing of elephants and the many human-elephant conflicts and not being in a position to assist or promise assistance was the hardest!

Now one year on we are in a very different situation! We are delighted to see we have made giant steps forward.

Although the elephants are still coming out right now, we have managed to secure funding to extend the fence a further twelve kilometers later this year. This will lead to more food and personal security for the local population and the knock on effect should mean our elephants having reduced contact with humans also!

Thanks to your generous donations this year we have some new scout sponsors, which is fantastic! We are looking for 3 more sponsorships for this year so please if you know anyone or a group of friends that can pool together or a business this would be really appreciated. We will introduce our scout’s to you in each issue this year so you too will get to know them better.

Despite all of positive results we still need to keep on top of things, keep pushing to improve the protection of the reserves and their wildlife now more than ever. A vital part of conservation is to include the local population in our work. We are assisting them this year with many projects that they have requested.

As I am sure you have seen or heard in the news the demand for ivory as well as Rhino horn is increasing and there has been uncountable slaughter of these beautiful animals in severalcountries so we must be on high alert as it could arrive on our door step at any time.

We also need to look forward at other hot spot areas where our elephants are causing untold damage such as the northern boundary of Thuma and maybe extend the fence next year.

We have new challenges to deal with and some old ones!

Thanks for all your support and for taking the time to read our newsletter.

Yours sincerely, Lynn


Note from Rachel McRobb SLCS CEO

It‟s that time of year when luckily most of the admin required for funding for 2012 is out of the way and I can dedicate more time to field work which I love. Just as well because recently there has been a huge spike in snaring activities and a lot of time is needed for our team to be in the field locating these animals in order for us to be able to treat them.

Recently, over the space of four days we had to immobilize seven elephants to be able to dart three snared ones. Unfortunately most snares are being set for buffalo and at the height they are set they are trapping a lot of baby elephants round the neck.

In addition to that, the forty six scouts we support have been putting in a lot of extra time and effort to increase patrols in order to identify and apprehend more perpetrators involved in snaring and other wildlife crimes, it‟s a never ending job and the scouts deserve recognition for their excellent and hard work, but more on that from our Operations Manager shortly.

We are excited to announce that the South Luangwa Eco Awards has finally been launched and we have a first successful applicant who achieved a silver award, which is quite a feat on its own.

We are also thrilled to have received a grant from Mfuwe Lodge for the purchase of a light aircraft to help with anti-poaching and research work and a recent grant from USFW Endangered species fund for wild dog anti-snaring.

Look out for the Elephant Charge Zambia which will take place in October this year. SLCS has been chosen as grant recipient again. This exciting event is fast becoming one of Zambia‟s top conservation fundraising events and is a major donor to local conservation projects.
Keep up to date with the progress of the charge on their website at www.elephantcharge.org.
Enjoy the rest of the read.

New Dormitory Building

Project Luangwa

With funding provided by the Bush Camp Company we are currently managaing the build of 2 new dormitories at Mfuwe Day School. The old dormitory is rather delapidated and uses a building borrowed from the nearby basic school. It is also very overcrowded. The bunk beds are jammed in next to each other and have 2 boys sleeping on every single mattress.   Thanks to the Bush Camp Company we are able to build the school 2 new buildings will each be able to house 42 boys.  

The buildings are progressing well, despite the heavy rains causing the delivery trucks to sink axle deep in mud. The first building is now at the top of window level, whilst the other building now has it's foundations and floor slab complete. We hope to complete voth of these buildings by the end of Term 1.

Contruction of new production plant

BERL Bio Energy Resources

  • Malawi Bureau of Standards has started with the development of new biofuel standards based on Jatropha oil.

  • We have provided direct employment to 105 people

  • Our new site is now full of activity. We have started with the construction for our new production plant

  • The Lilongwe district is now also included in our impact areas

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Kiboko Environment & Community


Kiboko is operating within different environments and close with local communities. Performing operations within these environments comes with a great amount of responsibility towards these environments and communities. We are aware of this responsibility and the knowledge that tourism can negatively impact its surroundings. Therefore, Kiboko works hard to reduce their negative footprint and positively impact the environment and contribute wherever possible, mostly directly to the local communities. This responsible attitude within our tourism enterprises helps us to ensure that we operate in view of our set goals. It also shows other operators in the same industry and our clients that we are committed to social, economic, and environmental welfare.  Kiboko is convinced that this approach will be one of the elements which should be included when conducting our businesses. We monitor our communal and environmental inputs on a regular base to be sure that we will deliver the best we can within the areas.

Kiboko is further involved to sponsor or promote the below mentioned environmental and community aware institutions.



Wildlife Action Group Malawi is an NGO, which co-manages two governmental protected areas; Thuma Forest Reserve and Dedza-Salima Forest Reserve. The areas are located in the Central Region of Malawi, between Lilongwe and Lake Malawi on the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley. Together the two forest reserves cover an area of app. 500 km².  http://www.wag-malawi.org


The Albino Association of Malawi (TAAM). A foundation set up in Malawi to raise awareness of albinism in the country. It is one of the organisations under the umbrella of the Federation of Disability Organisations of Malawi (FEDOMA). People suffering from albinism in Malawi are victim to serious discrimination, eye sight problems, and because of the tropical climate; various skin problems, including skin cancer. Kiboko Town Hotel is a collection point for any donated sun screen oil, hats, sunglasses and T-shirts. http://www.fedomamw.net/taam.php
Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust. Chipembele teaches Zambian children how to conserve and protect the local wildlife and natural environment in the Luangwa Valley. www.chipembele.org




Stichting Swistokaa. A small Dutch foundation run by 3 individuals and founded in 2006. They support the improvement of education and health care in Malawi. Taking responsibility into their own hands rather than that of a larger humanitarian organisation. The dedicated directors visit Malawi every year (by their own personal finance) to ensure their projects are running well and the money is helping those that really need it. Kiboko Town Hotel is a collection point for any donations. http://stichting-swistokaa.com/engels.htm



Project Luangwa. Aiming to create an effective, co-ordinated approach to helping local communities improve their long term economic prospects whilst avoiding a negative impact on the environment and wildlife. We believe that by developing and improving schools, creating a vocational training centre and supporting the micro-financing of small businesses we can help families have the chance of a lasting and sustainable income.


Conservation South Luangwa. A non-profit organization that works under the Zambia Wildlife Authority. CSL supports 46 village scouts who conduct anti-poaching patrols in and around the national park. In addition, they have a human-wildlife-conflict mitigation program, a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation program to attend to snared and injured animals and they also support Uyoba Community School. www.cslzambia.org 



Kiboko 2016

2016 has ended and what a succesful year it was. Our camp in Zambia has seen many happy customers again this year and our Kiboko Town Hotel has had its most succesful year to date! Furthermore, construction on our new camp in South Luangwa is progressing smoothly and should be operational in the coming year.


Kiboko 2015

2015 is drawing to an end, and all of us here at Kiboko watch as another busy year comes to a close. Our branches in Zambia and throughout Malawi have seen a lot of clients this year, sending over 3500 bed nights to South Luangwa this year alone, not to mention all the others through Malawi and Victoria Falls.

Kiboko Zambia

Our campsite in South Luangwa has seen a lot of improvement this year, from new floor mats, new spacious mosquito nets in our tents, new staff uniforms, and lots of new equipment in our kitchen and game vehicles to much much more! We’re all looking forward to next year’s Green Season Special in South Luangwa and improving things further.

Kiboko Workshop

Our workshop expansion has been completed, and it has been a relentless battle against the African rainy season to keep our roofing sheets in place. Over 400 m2 of covered working space has been added towards the existing workshop.

Kiboko Staff

Over the course of the year two members of our wonderful staff have been blessed with beautiful new babies, one of which was a set of twins. We have enjoyed staff barbeques at the workshop and paid keen attention to the motivation of our staff this year.

Kiboko Town Hotel

New air conditioners have been fitted into every room in the hotel, to give our clients an even more luxury feeling during the hot summer months of the year. Further have all the mosquito nets been replaced to ensure optimal sleeping comfort. A new evening bar has also been set up in the bookings office upstairs for the convenience of our guests.



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